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Are Hair Extensions For Me?Hair Extensions Austin Texas

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So real, only your hairdresser knows for sure - Great News!

Swim, exercise, dance, you name it! Hair Extensions are undetectable!


All colors and textures available from "Great Lengths"tm  Design and create all types of hair: for curly, straight, or silky straight.

Wear up to 5-7 months before reset is needed.

Shampoo, brush, style - will not fall out. Can be cared for just like your own natural hair.   Brush it, perm it, color it, use your blow dryer, curling iron, and all other styling tools. Is easily removed without damage to your natural hair... because it is!

Dede only uses the best quality 100% human hair.

"My experience with Great Lengths extensions was wonderful! I was able to snorkel in the Caribbean, swim in the pool, and treat it like my own hair. I had no fallout or breakage and my hair feels wonderful. Dede does a fabulous job, what a service" Shannon M. --- Austin, TX.

So comfortable - this hair feels like yours!  Stays gorgeous with no tangling or matting.

Wear loose and wild, have a ponytail, or braided, go swimming, go riding, go jogging.  It's your hair.  Wear it up, wear it straight, wear it curly, wear it short & full, wear it long & luxurious, wear it sexy.   Hair Extensions are Fun!  Your color, your cut, your style, your way.



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