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Great Lengths!

  Get an amazing NEW LOOK.  This is the best MAKEOVER yet!!!!

Hair Extensions in Austin, Texas

The beauty secret that will change your life.

Providing Hair Extensions since 2000 in the Greater Austin Area!

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The best Hair Lengthener

Why it Works

Whether you want longer hair, thicker hair, or both, these nondamaging and

totally realistic looking human hair extensions are the

Creme de la Creme

Avoid the FAKE look.  The untimate guide to getting beautiful hair extensions.

Providing Austin Texas Hair Extensions, AustinTexas Human Hair Extensions,

Remy Hair Extensions, Long Hair Extensions, Hair Extension Austin Texas

NEW from Great Lengths

GL Apps  tape system

Unlike other tape-in systems, each attachment requires only 1 GL apps tab vs,

the 2 tabs that are typically required.

This provides multiple benefits, faster application and attachment

sites that are completely concealed.

Best  part?

GL Apps will have the Great Lengths Gold Seal on the package as they

are made with the same high quality, ethically sourced and

traceable hair that you're used to from Great Lengths.




"I Fly Dede to Monterey, California to do my extensions every time I get resets.  She is worth it all the time.  I have flown her there 4 times.  She rocks"  B.D.


Austin Texas Hair Extensions

Austin Tx Hair Extensions


NEW !!!!!!  Hombre colors!!!



Front & Side view

Hombre colors!!!!

Austin Tx Hair Extensions Austin Texas Hair Extensions Austin Tx Hair Extensions Austin Tx Human Hair Extensions

Human Hair Extensions San Antonio Texas

Human Hair Extensions San Antonio Texas





Celebrities wear them !!

The wonder of hair extension fusion brings together advanced technology and modern professional skills.  This method takes thin hair and makes it thick, takes short hair and makes it long.

Hair additions you can enjoy day after day!

The hair itself is remy hair, meaning that the cuticle of the hair shaft is aligned exactly the same as your hair! The hair used is “same direction” root-to-end cuticle, 100% human hair that results in tangle free styling and seamless integration with your existing hair.
Some other methods of hair extensions do not mention nor guarantee that the hair shafts all run in the same direction as natural hair.
The result is that their hair frizzes, won't lay down and appears to be damaged. I've been wearing G.L. since 1998 and have never had these problems.

 (Testimonial Page)

Also," Great Lengths" uses a bond for the strand that is exactly the same color as the hair (check the video), not a clear or transparent connection as with other methods. "Great Lengths" results? Out of this World!!!

How long are you willing to wait for long hair?

Human hair grows approximately 1/4 in. per month on average. This implies that if you want to have very long hair you have to wait more than 5 years. Use the Great Lengths system & you will have up to 24 in. long hair within a few hours!

Austin, Texas Hair Extensions for Volume! 

San Antonio, Texas Hair Extensions

Remy Hair Extensions & Austin Texas Human Hair Extensions,

Long Hair Extension for Length!  


Serving Central Texas with Style since 2000

Austin Texas Hair Extensions, Human Hair Extensions, Remy Hair Extensions, Long Hair Extensions, Hair Extension Austin Texas, Texas Hair Extensions

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